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Akela Pumpkin Digestive Aid - 200g

Akela Pumpkin Digestive Aid - 200g

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Our Digestive Aid is used to help settle upset tummies. This unique recipe has been made to feed the good bacteria in their stomach, add fibre, firm stools and aid healthy digestion for your dog. These tins are very handy to keep in the kitchen cupboard for transitioning your dog's diet and/or at times of stress. 




Pumpkin – helps to settle sensitive tummies

Banana – Source of vitamins B & C - Benefits digestion, heart health and muscle function

Sweet Potato – A low GI energy source, high in fibre, Vitamins A, B6 and C

Borage Oil – A fantastic source of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) which has anti-inflammatory properties

Chamomile – An ancient medicinal herb to promote relaxation

Ginger – Good settling aid to relieve nausea and promote general digestive health

Valerian – A gentle herbal remedy for calming and relaxing

Pre-biotic FOS & MOS – Feeds the good bacteria in your dog's stomach to promote a healthy digestive tract

Coconut – contains Lauric Acid which fights against viruses and boosts the immune system


58% Pumpkin, 10% Banana, 10% Sweet Potato, Minerals, Borage Oil, Chamomile, Ginger, Valerian, Pre-biotic FOS, Pre-biotic MOS, Coconut

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