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Handmade bows and bandanas. There are too many to list individually, so Please describe the bandana in the notes section at checkout if shopping online

Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large these bandanas can be easily slipped onto a collar.

Small and large bows also available, these have an elastic loop to feed your collar through.


Machine washable.

Sizing - All sizes are approximate

Small - 14cm/5in (will fit 1.6cm wide collar)
Medium - 22cm/8.5in (will fit 2.5cm wide collar)
Large - 27cm/11in (will fit 2.5cm wide collar)
Extra Large - 34cm/13.5in (will fit 3.8cm wide collar)

Small Bow - 10cm/4in
Large Bow - 12.5cm/5in

If your collar does not fit through the bandana then we also sell 'Bandana collars' which are plain lengths of Biothane. NOT to be used as a restraint or to attach a lead, purely for ID tag and decorative purposes.

These are available on their own listing.


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