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VetIQ Defurr Um Paste 70g

VetIQ Defurr Um Paste 70g

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VETIQ Hairball Remedy paste is a combination of natural ingredients which gently lubricate the system giving a mild laxative effect that removes the hairball and reduces future blockages. The Hairball Remedy paste coats the swallowed hair and the stool and allows it to pass through the digestive system of cats and other pets. VETIQ Hairball Remedy also contains vitamin E and prebiotic fibre inulin.


  • Natural ingredients gently lubricate the system - Helps remove and prevent hairballs
  • Contains a source of fibre and Vitamin E - Fibre to soften pet's stool which helps to remove hairballs and reduces the likelihood of further occurrences

Suitable for: For cats and kittens over 6 months old.

Not suitable for:

Kittens under 6 months. Not suitable for dogs & puppies.

How to use:

Spread on front paws or feed direct from tube, alternatively add to food. Supervise pets while feeding.

Can be mixed with the pets food.

Feeding Guide

Animal To prevent hairballs To remove hairballs
Kittens and Rabbits (over 6 months old) 3-6mm (tsp) weekly 13mm (1/4 tsp) daily for 3 days
Cats 6-13mm (1/4 tsp) weekly 25mm (1/2 tsp) daily for 3 days

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