Solstice Missing Dogs

Solstice Missing Dogs is an organisation covering Wiltshire and West Hampshire.

They help in the tracking and recovery of lost and stolen dogs.

SMD have teams of experts can advise on who to contact, how to publicise your missing dog, and how to track and capture your frightened stray once they are spotted.

They also support owners of escapees & spooked dogs every step of the way, deploying remote cameras, food stations & more with the aim of safely catching a dog.

The team at Solstice Missing Dogs work tirelessly to spread information, share missing dogs photos and information across social media as well as out on the streets and footpaths.  

 Every dog that goes missing takes resources, time, patience, skill...and more importantly - FOOD, to find & catch. 

Solstice Missing Dogs is a team of volunteers, who have their own families, jobs and commitments. 

We can support them best by sharing missing posts, and making sure they have enough 'bait' when they need to use feed stations. To this end, we have a specially selected product list below that can be ordered through Lucky Leads to be donated directly to SMD by us when they need it. 

You can of course also drop off any food or treats you like to the shop in Wilton and we will again make sure it gets to the team. 

Contact details are at the bottom of the page, along with a link to their Facebook page




  • Wiltshire area
  • 07769 265458