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Beaks Paper Party Puzzle

Beaks Paper Party Puzzle

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Beaks Forager Paper Party Puzzle Bird Cage Accessory is a bird cage accessory that provides entertainment and mental stimulation for birds.

The puzzle is made of paper and designed to challenge a bird"s natural foraging instincts, encouraging them to work for their food and keeping them mentally stimulated and engaged.

By making the bird work for its food and entertainment, the puzzle promotes physical activity and helps to prevent boredom and destructive behaviour.

Additionally, the Beaks Forager Paper Party Puzzle Bird Cage Accessory is environmentally friendly and made of non-toxic materials, ensuring that it is safe for birds to play with and consume.

Its unique design allows for easy hanging and provides a comfortable perch for your bird to rest on.

Whether your bird is a seasoned forager or just beginning to explore its surroundings, this bird toy is sure to provide endless hours of entertainment. In general, it is an excellent choice for pet bird owners looking to provide their feathered friends with a fun and engaging accessory. With its bright colors and stimulating design, this is sure to be a hit with both birds and their owners alike.

Product Benefits

  • Beautiful, vibrant colourful accessory fabulous for nesting or foraging
  • Great fun to keep your feathered friend mentally stimulated and engaged
  • Great for all birds, both big and small


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