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Chewllagen Collagen Chicken Flavour Roll 10 Inch Dog Chew

Chewllagen Collagen Chicken Flavour Roll 10 Inch Dog Chew

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Help your furry friend maintain a strong and healthy body with Chewllagen Collagen Chicken flavour rolls!

These 10 inch dog chews are packed with collagen, promoting healthy bones and joints while satisfying their chewing needs. Treat your dog to a delicious, natural snack that will keep them happy.

Chewllagen is made from collagen sourced from South American grass - fed cattle hide. The collagen proteins are hydrolysed and broken down through a heating process into smaller and more easily digestible molecules. It's then shaped and baked where it acquires its bread - like texture before being dipped in real beef or chicken, making it even more delicious.

Did you know that collagen is a major protein in your pet's body and plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy bones, tendons, ligaments, skin, and fur? As our furry friends age, their production of collagen decreases, making it essential to provide them with additional sources of this important protein for optimal health.

  • Made from collagen from South American grass - fed cattle
  • Stimulates cartilage production for healthier joints
  • A natural source of protein


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