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SCOOTER – Anal Gland Supplement for Dogs and Puppies

SCOOTER – Anal Gland Supplement for Dogs and Puppies

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Does your beloved canine experience discomfort or show signs of anal gland issues?

At Dog's Lounge, we understand the importance of keeping your dog happy and healthy. That's why we're proud to offer our specially formulated Anal Gland Supplement, designed to support your dog's anal gland health and provide relief from common issues.

Scooter is a premium digestive supplement that helps to maintain optimal anal sac and gland function in all dogs over 12 weeks of age. It is a great source of fibre – it helps to firm up your pet’s stools.

Formulated by veterinarians, Scooter contains a blend of natural and active ingredients such as beet pulp, psyllium seed husk, flaxseed, dandelion root, and pumpkin, that work from the inside out to keep your pup’s anal glands healthy and prevent them from becoming blocked.

Luckily with our anal gland supplement, there will be no more scooting butts on your floor!

For more advice, check out Dog Lounge's blog post on 4 Natural Remedies for Dog Scooting.


Active Ingredients

Potato Flake
Full Fat Linseed
Glycerine Brewer’s Yeast
Salmon Oil
Pumpkin Seed Powder (1%)
Dandelion Root Powder (0.9%)
Psyllium Powder (0.5%)


Technological additives: Preservatives

Sensory additives: Natural chicken liver powder, bacon powder

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