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Split Highland Antler

Split Highland Antler

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The Split Antler is a 100% natural dog chew made from red deer, sourced from Scottish highland herds. It has been cleaned without the use of any chemicals and cut into different sizes and weights for your dog to enjoy. Safe for chewing with sharp points removed, this healthy treat is packed with minerals and calcium. Satisfy your dog's natural urge to chew while promoting dental strength and cleanliness. Minimal odor and mess make Whole Antler a great choice for your dog.

An excellent source of entertainment for dogs that enjoy chewing but are not ‘power chewers’.  Split antlers allow dogs easy access to the honeycombed ‘inside’ of the antler that is kinder to the teeth and jaws than our standard deer antlers.

Benefits :
-Long lasting;
-Low in fat;
-Help with dental care;
-No additives or preservatives
-From Scottish Highland & European deer;
-Sustainable product & naturally shed;

Being a naturally grown chew, no two antlers are the same. Some are a harder dark brown colour whilst others are a softer greyish/white. They also come in various shapes and sizes, keeping your dog interested for longer. Our deer antler chews come from a sustainable, natural resource. Feed Material. Not for human consumption.

Approximate Weights

Small - 30g-50g
Medium - 51g-80g
Large - Minimum 80g
X Large - Minimum 120g


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